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About Circatron

Founded in 1996 Circatron provides a wide range of electronics production services allowing us to satisfy the most demanding customer’s needs. Whether you are a small firm or individual with a new product, or an established company looking for a manufacturer who can provide high quality products on time and for the right price, Circatron can help.

Our skilled team give us the ability to take on a project at almost any stage. We have vast expertice in SMT hand assembly prototyping services allowing us to get your product exactly right for manufacture while keeping your costs to a minimum. Higher volume production is provided by our SMT production line based on an ultra accurate combination of a Juki 2030 and Juki 2060 pick and place machines controlled by a dedicated HLC system. With our in house mechanical assembly capabilities and by our team of professional and well trained assembly personnel we are able to handle every aspect of a project.

In all our activities quality is paramount as recognised by our ISO 9001:2015 status. All PCB's undergo 100% inspection either manualy or AOI and where required we offer a wide range of testing options.

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