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SMT Volume Manufacture

Our high speed SMT production line is based around the Juki 2060 which is an ultra accurate pick and place machine, with an additional vision system fitted to allow it to deal with the most demanding package types available. The Juki 2060 can place 12,000 c/p/h and is capable of placing components down to 0201 size chip components and 0.1mm pitch BGAs. Maximum board dimensions 510 x 360mm.

The rest of line comprises the DEK 03i, a highly efficient automatic solder paste application machine, and the BTU VIP70 oven for reflow. The oven is a recirculation impingement, convection reflow soldering system which is also capable of low temperature curing of adhesives and encapsulation compounds. Our line is set up for lead free manufacture to allow products to comply to RoHS standards but, when appropriate, we can rapidly switch to leaded production.

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